Are you planning to install a wooden worktop in your kitchen? As mentioned in our previous blog, oak, walnut, and iroko are popular with customers. Solid worktops add a beautiful sense of warmth to your kitchen. Solid worktops do, however, require some extra care to keep them in good condition. Continue reading for some tips to keep your worktop looking fresh.

Wooden worktops – Be aware they need care

Before installing a solid worktop, it is essential to accept that this will need constant upkeep. Customers also need to be aware that their worktop may change slightly due to the conditions of your kitchen. For example, wood will react to the moisture level inside your home, meaning it will naturally expand and contract. Solid tops can shift up to 5mm at standard depth. To avoid disappointment regarding movement, designers often try to avoid a completely flush finish.

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A Wooden worktop needs protection

The key to extending the life of your wooden worktop is initial preparation and consistent oiling. Your worktop should be sanded to create a smooth finish and then oiled to build a patina on the surface. Adding oil brings out the grain of your worktop and adds a layer of moisture and dirt resistance. The oiling process needs to be repeated frequently in the beginning and then at larger intervals as time passes. 

Removing stains and scratches from wooden worktops

To avoid stains on your wooden worktop, cleaning should be kept simple. Cleaning with soapy water and drying is sufficient. Cleaning with abrasive cleaning ages may damage your wood. If you scratch or stain your worktop, do not worry. Light sanding and polishing can remove minor scratches and stains.

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