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What is a classic kitchen?

Classic or traditional kitchen designs are one of the most flexible and simple design themes to create in a kitchen. Their timeless features and neutral colour palates ensure that it’s neither too ornate nor too impersonal and can still suit a wide variety of tastes, styles and budgets.

Whether you’re dressed for a black tie dinner or you’re just wearing a jeans and t-shirt, a classic kitchen style matches well with everyday décor and extraordinary décor alike.








Classical kitchens are recognisable by their neutral shades, classic range cookers, country style or elegant modern décor, and high-quality wood or ceramic flooring. The look is perfect for family homes, and the more space you have to play around with, the better.

Some people confuse classic with traditional. While they are very similar in style, there is a subtle difference. There’s a tradeoff that defines classic style between thee ornate and the elegant. Classic style still possesses all the features of traditional style like crown moulding, panelled walls and even legs on kitchen islands. While they are elegant, they aren’t necessarily over the top or ornate. Traditional style kitchens have very ornate woodworking and other detailed features that define their style best.  Get in touch with our team today or visit our showroom.

Group 7628