Single-wall kitchen layout places everything along one wall, leaving the remaining three sides of the kitchen open. All cabinets, countertops and appliances run along the chosen wall. Single-walled kitchens have become a popular option for customers looking for an open-plan living space. In the past, this style was viewed as a cheap and easy-to-install option. However, recent designs have become chic. There are numerous advantages which customers should keep in mind when thinking about a single-wall kitchen. 

Single-wall kitchen | Save Space

The most significant advantage that single-wall kitchens is space-saving. All work areas are along the wall, leaving plenty of room for your living area or dining table. In addition, one-wall kitchens suit narrow areas where one person cooks.

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Single-wall kitchen | Workflow

Single-wall kitchens’ layout keeps the workflow running smoothly. In one-wall kitchens, all workspace tends to be close together, leaving easy access while preparing food. Additionally, appliances such as hobs, sinks and fridges are just a few feet away from each other, meaning you don’t need to move very far to get what you need. Once there is appropriate worktop space, these kitchens should be highly functional.

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Single-wall kitchen | Efficient storage

Single-wall kitchens are enhanced by the additional storage they can provide. Storage such as overhead cabinets and pull-out drawers can optimize the amount of storage available. Often, when there is a window limiting space, extra deep drawers help accommodate pots and pans.

Single-wall kitchens are efficient in certain situations and should be included in the thought process of customers looking for sleek, modern kitchens. If you would like to learn more about single-wall kitchens, why not contact and speak with one of our award-winning sales staff. 

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