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When you are planning for a new kitchen, it is important that you think long term. You have to think about who else is going to be using it and the requirements needed. When you are planning a family home you need adaptable space especially for your kids as they grow from children into teenagers.

The kitchen in recent years has become the social hub of the home and not just a kitchen. With remote working constantly increasing and evolving, here are some factors you should consider before designing your new kitchen.


This is essential and something that should be designed with a long term view such as if you intend to have children or not. Think of the space you have available and what you may need in the future that you may not need at the minute if you plan on growing your family. The idea of using an island or U-shaped kitchen that would close off access in certain areas of the house so cooking is made much more safer should be considered if you want a child free zone, keeping them out of areas of the kitchen.


Is a kitchen peninsula or island something that you need in your home? If that is the case you should think of the multi purposes of your island. Not only will it allow you a place to eat, drink or do work but it makes the kitchen more practical. Having your sink and bin in your kitchen peninsula island has become a popular trend and this allows for less mess around the kitchen and functionality in the kitchen.


You could opt for surfaces which are easy to clean and take minimal cleaning. If you have children, it may be best you look for surfaces which show less finger prints and smudges. The likes of Silestone, Quartz or Corain as well as matte finishes are less likely to show these marks and prints. Not only are they suitable for your family, but they are extremely trendy with stone surfaces becoming increasingly popular.  Get in touch with us today or drop into our showroom

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