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Quooker Taps

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You may think that the idea of a boiling-water tap was a modern idea, however, they were actually invented by Henri Peteri in the 1970s. this idea brought rise to the Quooker (‘quick cooker’) that we know today. These Quooker taps now have over 2000 dealers worldwide, with Direct Wholesale Kitchens being one of those.

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    • Eliminates the need for a kettleThe Quooker tap effectively eliminates the need for a kettle in modern homes, providing boiling water instantly at the touch of a lever. This means that all of your essential water needs such as cooking, sterilising and of course tea making are all facilitated. Quooker taps not only save space but also can be highly cost and energy-efficient.


    • Safety features of the Quooker TapThe most common question we get asked in our showroom regarding Quooker taps is safety. There are numerous effective safety features with each tap. Firstly, the child-safe handle will never dispense boiling water immediately. In order to release hot water, you must press the handle down twice and twist, decreasing the chances of accidentally releasing hot water dramatically. Additionally, the button illuminates when the boiling water feature is enabled to warn users.


    • DWK stock the Quooker fusion tapWithin our showroom, we stock a fully usable Quooker fusion, used on a daily basis for demonstrations and of course the odd cup of coffee!




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The Quooker fusion comes in multiple designs and finishes, meaning that every customer can add a tap they would be proud to showcase in their dream kitchen.


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