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Gone are the days when the kitchen was just a place to prepare food. Nowadays, the kitchen is also a place where the family gathers to enjoy meals and a place for kids to do homework. Furthermore, the kitchen can also be a place where families host social events such as parties and drinks. Because of all these factors, good lighting can make all the difference to your kitchen.

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Why is lighting in the kitchen so important?

Not only does the kitchen need appropriate lighting for the apparent reason discussed above. It may also require increased lighting in areas which homeowners would like to highlight characteristics of the space. Highlighting these spaces can offer a warming atmosphere, giving your kitchen personality. This personality can either be helped or hindered by lighting. The most idealistic way of using light in your kitchen is a mixture of natural and artificial light. If natural light is available, it is recommended that you take advantage of it.

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Ambient lighting in the kitchen

Ambient lighting creates a base level of illumination in your kitchen area. During the day, sunlight enters through windows spreading ambient light. In the evening, ambient lighting is created in different ways to illuminate space. Good ambient lighting creates a functional and appealing atmosphere without being too harsh on your eyes. Numerous ambient lighting styles such as flush mounts, under-cabinet lighting and recessed lights are among the most common. A mixture of these can be helpful, depending on the natural light at your disposal.

Task and accent lighting

Task lighting is placed in specific areas where you need adequate light to perform tasks. This can improve practicality and also improve aesthetics. For example, under-cabinet lights can bring a real benefit to most kitchens. Accent lighting can often be overlooked. However, it is essential to highlight features in kitchens. For example, hanging lights are often used to accentuate breakfast bars.

Homeowners must understand the importance of lighting in the home. An appropriate mixture of the mentioned types of illumination is favoured. If you would some more information on lighting, get in touch to speak to one of our skilled sales team.

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