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Each year, we see a slight shift in design trends and innovations from the year previous. This year is no different. If you are planning on purchasing a new Kitchen trends for 2022, take a look below at some of the most trending designs at the moment.


Bold colours

A trend which has admittedly been running for a number of years now is bold colour choices. Each year, colours are getting sleeker and bolder, allowing for more adventurous designs. Colours such as greens and yellows, similar to those on display in our showroom are continually among the most popular. Something that customers should note before committing to bold colours is of course the lifespan of your kitchen. It is expected that your kitchen units will not be changed for five plus years after installation, meaning it is imperative that the colour chosen is to your taste. If this is a worry for customers, the addition of a slightly less exploratory colour in your backsplash can help to take the sharpness off your kitchen.


Sustainable living has never been more prominent in society. Sustainable thinking has found its way into kitchen design also, with the need for sustainable products driving the market. This has given a renewed focus on natural materials such as primed wood, which has made a huge comeback within the last year. Natural woods such as oak, ash and walnut are now frequently being used in beams, countertops and islands along with slab doors. The addition of wood in your kitchen adds warmth and creates a more inviting atmosphere for guests to dwell. Not only is the use of wood aesthetically pleasing, they also offer texture and increased durability.


Handless design

Another design trend which has grown significantly over the past few years is the introduction of handless kitchens. Handless kitchens add simplicity to a key area of your house, perfect for customers who like minimalist design. Most handless kitchens use push to open systems or the addition of a gola rail, with customisable colours. Handless kitchens are perfect for customers with children, with the lack of handles being and added safety feature. Also, there is also less cleaning and maintenance involved with less areas for debris to gather.

Return of dark colours

For many years now, light colours in particular white have been the most popular choice among customers. However, this year has seen the re-introduction of dark colours, in particular black. As seen in our showroom display, the addition of brass or copper accessories such as handles and waste kits help to perfectly compliment the darker choice of door.

If you would like some more information on current trends, get in touch to be guided by one of our skilled designers or pop into our showroom to see these trends for yourself!

Group 7628