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What Kitchen Storage solutions should I consider?

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Having various storage solutions throughout your kitchen can be very efficient for organisation of items while adding structure to your kitchen. The easy nature of knowing exactly where every item is can be the deciding factor as to whether cooking is a chore r a pleasure.

Having the right storage solutions can add order to your daily life while saving you time and the frustration of searching for ingredients or utensils. Check out these solutions that you could add to your home!

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    • Kidney corner solution
      Your corner units no longer have to be a waste of space! The struggle of trying to access corner units is now resolved with this practical solution. The mechanism swings out to give you easy access to store away your items and easily organise your items.


    • Pull out storage
      The great thing about pull outs is that they come in many different sizes and for many different utilities. You have your standard pull outs for cabinets, for smaller units why not incorporate a spice rack or towel rail to transform smaller cabinets from black holes to useful spaces for everyday storage!


    • Internal bins
      Having a built in bin can make cooking and cleaning must easier. The advantage of having it hidden away adds to the beauty of your kitchen whereas having a bin can potentially take away from the flow of your kitchen as it is out of clear sight. These internal bins can fit in any standard unit and again adds practicality to the heart of your home.


  • Pantry
    Why not think about the addition of a pantry to your kitchen. The pantry is one of the trendiest and most sought-after additions at the moment, and it’s easy to see why. The addition of a pantry can have many distinct advantages. Not only does a pantry add important storage space for your family, but it can also add to the aesthetics of your room.


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At DWK, we can fully committed to providing our clients with not only a stunning, dream kitchen but a design that adds functionality and practicality to your everyday life.


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