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When designing your dream kitchen, picking the correct handles can often be overlooked or seen as a “save it till last minute job.” However, details such as handles/knobs can have a huge effect on the overall finish of your kitchen. It is essential to plan ahead and to choose a handle which compliments your door choice and overall kitchen style.



The number one thing to consider while choosing your handles and knobs is of course style. It is imperative that you choose a knob which matches your desired kitchen design. The traditional shaker door is still as popular as ever. This is often times coupled with round knobs on doors and cup handles on drawer units. Contrasting colour schemes are becoming more popular with the use of brass and copper knobs being paired with marine blue and even black! If you would like to go down a more contemporary route, oversized bar handles are very popular at the moment, particularly in easy to clean finishes such as brushed nickel. The addition of bar handles to kitchens which feature fully-white units, combined with a wooden floor help to soften the overall effect of the kitchen, pulling together a fresh and contemporary feel. If you would like to add a wow factor or simply try something different with your kitchen, why not introduce some Victorian style pull handles. The addition of such a handle can provide a playful contrast to an otherwise clean


Size and positioning

Moving on from style, the size and positioning of your chosen handles has a massive effect on the aesthetics of your kitchen. A well-chosen handle and knob combination can transform a kitchen, while a poorly chosen knob can of course overpower the rest of your kitchen. In general, large or over-sized cabinets need larger handles. As for drawer units, handles are mostly placed horizontally, both for aesthetics and ease of use. Choosing the correct position for your handles is a necessity, not only will you be using these handles daily, but you will have to view these handles for a number of years.


Durability + Functionality

The next thing to think about is the functionality of your chosen handles. The general rule of thumb for pull handles is that they should be roughly one-third the size of your cabinet drawer. However, if you decide to go for a more contemporary or bold design, this can be ignored. It is important to ensure that no matter what the chosen style, that functionality is not impeded. It is essential to choose a durable handle, after all you are committing to a kitchen for a long period of time. The handle or knob is also your only point of contact with your kitchen, which will help you to avoid transferring dirt and debris onto your cabinets.


As mentioned above, there are numerous things to consider before choosing the perfect handles for your dream kitchen. Why not get in contact with us here at DWK, where one of our experienced design team can help guide you along the process.

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