A kitchen hob is possibly the most frequently used accessory in your kitchen, so it is well to research the various options available. When choosing the correct hob, it is crucial to find one which suits the aesthetics of your kitchen but will stand the test of time. In addition, when choosing, you should decide whether you would prefer an electric or gas hob.

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Gas cooker

A standard gas hob generally features four to five burners and a manual ignition switch which lights the burner when you wish to use it. Easy-to-turn knobs enable you to control flames, allowing you to regulate your temperature accordingly. Gas hobs have traditionally been popular among chefs and cooking enthusiasts. They offer instant heat, which is easily controllable and evenly distributed. Gas hobs also have advanced significantly in energy efficiency with the addition of an optimal burner, meaning the flame spreads to the edge of the pan reducing energy use. The only downfall of gas hobs is possibly the difficulty of cleaning. Pan supports sometimes affect cleaning difficulty in comparison to smooth surfaced electric hobs. 

Kitchen Hob | Direct Wholesale Kitchens

Electric Hob

Modern electric hobs fall into two categories: ceramic and induction. Despite offering different cooking styles, ceramic and induction hobs share some common characteristics. Ceramic and induction hob both have a streamlined glass look, allowing for easy cleaning. Electric hobs Also have safety features such as heat indicators to show when areas are too hot to handle. This is perfect for buyers who have children. Ceramic hobs are a less expensive alternative. However, they still provide a streamlined look and highly effective cooking power. Induction hobs use magnesium to heat your pan, leading to reduced heating time. Induction hobs have increased power due to this feature, while it also makes it the safest option for your home.

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