What is a J-Pull door?

This crafty design is quite similar to the true handleless door look but with a few unique differences. The door is given the name “J-Pull” because if you look at the door side on, you can see that it is shaped like the letter J. In this type of handle-less kitchen, you use the J groove to pull open the doors and drawers.

The seamless, uninterrupted lines are still there, just in a slightly different way. There is no gap required to open this style of door, so there are no visible shadows behind the handles. Also, wall cabinets take a different look as the handleless door element is visible at the bottom.

Modern Look

All in all, both the true-handleless and the J-Pull doors provide a minimalistic modern look which in this modern era, suits many homes. The first thing to think of is preference – Both designs with their stylish, chic look are built on the idealism of clean edges and light open spaces which create a piece of architecture in your home. If you are looking to create a slick contemporary look, the J-Pull would most definitely be the way forward.

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Again, similar to the true-handless range, this door is available in almost 30 different colours to choose from (which can be viewed in our showroom) which allows you to mix and match your kitchen units and cabinets to create a unique look!

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