Open-plan living continues to dominate new builds and home upgrades. For most who upgrade, the dream is to knock down joining walls to extend their kitchen, adding to dining space. However, more planning is needed to ensure seamless integration of your new area.

Avoid clutter

A slight disadvantage of open-plan kitchens is that your kitchen is always on show. Often, this can lead to clutter which detracts from your kitchen’s aesthetics. The most effective way to combat this is storage. Therefore, you must add storage to areas which add to the look of the space available. For example, the addition of open shelving to the end of an island can add colour and storage. 

Open-plan living | Direct Wholesale Kitchens

Need for an appropriate colour palette

To ensure your open plan space flows, you must start by selecting core materials and colours and then introduce accent hues. Your colour palette can help to connect visual zones for coherence. To create the most effective cohesion, start by choosing a distinctive zone such as a dining area and select similar colours and textures throughout other rooms. 

Open-plan living | Direct Wholesale Kitchens

Open-plan allows for socialising

Customers who choose open-plan living often like to host social events such as dinner parties. To ensure the area is adequate, designers must ensure that the island is placed correctly to allow whoever is cooking to work efficiently but also keep up with conversation at the dining table. For intimate gatherings, designers often choose to create a secondary dining space. This is done by extending the island with a table. This space may be used for a range of activities while allowing for easy interaction with those in the kitchen.

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