Solid wood worktops provides a warming element to any kitchen, with its natural hues and ability to match any colour scheme. Features such as grain, tones and stains ensure that your worktop is always truly unique. Despite having to be regularly treated to ensure long life, wooden worktops are incredibly hard-wearing and germ resistant, providing a cheaper alternative to quartz. Below are some of the wooden worktops regularly sold here at DWK.

Worktop| Ash door with solid oak and quartz | Direct Wholesale Kitchens
Oak Solid Wood Worktops

Solid wood worktops in oak are the most classic choice for farmhouse style and shaker kitchens. Oak is a mid-brown colour with an attractive grain. Oak compliments a range of designs, from bright white traditional kitchens to those with more colour. Given that oak is readily available for purchase, it is not one of the more expensive woods. Once treated with oil, oak is highly durable and can last many years. Most common in 40mm and 25mm, tops can be purchased in 100mm if you want to make a bold statement with your island or bar.

Worktop | Solid oak and quartz | Direct Wholesale Kitchens
Walnut Worktop

When looking for a slightly darker option, walnut is often the choice for customers. Walnut sits perfectly with creams and whites by creating a contrast between units and worktop. Walnut also comes in different styles. The most common is butcher’s block, a less expensive option combining wood blocks in a brick pattern. There is also the option of Walnut planks, which show whole grain but can be more costly in comparison.

Iroko Worktops

A more readily available option than teak, the iroko worktop is one of our most popular worktops for numerous reasons. Iroko worktop is very dense, meaning it is more water resistant than most. Iroko wood’s natural strength means it’s one of the most durable wooden worktops available. Along with the durability to damage, iroko wood is highly moisture resistant, making it the perfect kitchen top.
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