Introducing our vr kitchen showrooms. Ever wish you could step into your brand new kitchen before signing that dotted line? Now you can at DWK! We have recently installed market leading technology into our showroom. Each of our sales teams is now equipped and fully trained in ArtiVR. This is a virtual reality feature which allows customers to not only view their design but fully immerse themselves in their design before purchasing their new kitchen. This feature helps to give customers an accurate representation of their future kitchen, ensuring overall happiness.

How virtual reality works

ArtiVR takes the kitchen design from ArtiCAD which is designed for each client specific to their plans and layout during the consultation with our sales team.

In virtual reality, our software renders a 3D 360-degree scene where you can place yourself inside your brand new kitchen! Together with our designers, you can virtually walk around your kitchen in our showroom which will allow you to experience the layout, style and textures of your kitchen. You can even crouch down and look into units to get an accurate representation of your kitchen.

Virtual reality at DWK | Direct Wholesale Kitchens

Advantages Of Virtual Kitchen Showrooms

Decrease risk – VR helps to aid customers and designers who are dealing with tricky spaces including sharp corners or tight spaces. A visual look at this space allows designers to create a kitchen that maximises space.

Again, this benefits our clients immensely because you can spot changes right before your eyes! You can put yourself in your brand new kitchen and walk, crouch and view your kitchen from every angle from top to bottom.

Buying a new kitchen is a long term investment so you will have to ensure everything is right. VR allows you to do this by walking around and viewing every single aspect of your new kitchen.


  • Interactive.
  • Fully immersive virtual reality.
  • Active experience.
  • Helps clients understand the design and layout.

If you need to talk to one of our design specialists why not pop into our elite kitchen showrooms where walk-ins are welcome. Call us on (046) 9732823 to get in contact. Alternatively, you can email us at to get in touch. Check out our previous blog for inspiration.

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