The splashback has become one of the hottest features in the kitchen , making a huge resurrection. Why are splashbacks one of the hottest commodities in kitchens in 2022?

In previous years, splashbacks were viewed as an accessory to protect walls from stains and splashes. However, over the last number of years, there has been a shift in attitude towards aesthetics. With advances in technologies, they are now available in many different colours and styles. This allows customers to make a statement in their kitchen with bold colours and prints. With such an array of style options, customers oftentimes feel overwhelmed when deciding on the correct splashback to suit their kitchen. Below we have listed essential factors for buying your new splashback.

Splashback Material

Splashbacks come in many different materials such as are stainless steel, glass, tiles, and quartz. Each of these materials carry their pros and cons which makes understanding the objectives of your cooking space essential. Tiles are often used to create a traditional look, however, can be troublesome to keep clean. Glass offers a contemporary and streamlined look, but can look outdated when trends change.

Steel provides an industrial vibe and offers heat-resistant properties at a reasonable price. Despite being hard-wearing, steel is not scratch resistant. From our research and hearing what our customers have to say, the most popular choice of material at the moment is quartz. Quartz is non-porous and scratch resistant ensuring maximum durability and easy cleaning. Quartz can also be used to create worktops. This is perfect for customers who would like to keep using the same style throughout their kitchen. The downsides to choosing quartz include specialist installation, putting this material in a higher price bracket.

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Splashback colour

Depending on the type of material chosen for the worktop, you can then decide whether you want your worktop to stand out or blend into the overall look. If you want your worktop to stand out, why not choose to add a subtle colour to your splashback? This will ensure that you won’t take any attention away from your worktop. If you have selected a subtle or neutral worktop, why not choose a splashback that has colour or patterns? This will add a wow factor as well as a focal point to your kitchen. We recommend choosing a splashback that has similar tones to your countertop. This ensures fluidity and consistency in your kitchen.

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Don’t rush

If you are struggling to choose a splashback that is just right for your home, take a step back and breath! The splashback is one of the last components you add to your kitchen. This means you have got lots of time to decide. Worktops and splashbacks are not fitted until after kitchen itself, so why not wait and get a feel for your kitchen and visualise before deciding. To view our most recent kitchen designs and how your splashback would look then check out our popular kitchen styles.

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