Kitchen islands have become a necessity in many homes over the past decade. Why are kitchen islands one of the hottest commodities at the moment in the heart of the home? Going back to one of our previous blogs on tips for designing a family kitchen, you should think of the island for multi purposes. Not only should your island be a place to cook and eat, but also a social hub of the home.

Kitchen island | Kitchen island trends | Direct Wholesale Kitchens

Kitchen islands countertop space

Having a spacious countertop will offer you more room to do many different utilities. A trend we have seen over the past 24 months is people incorporating their sink and internal bin into their island. This allows for more space in their kitchen for appliances and storage space. By adding a kitchen island into your home, this is a fantastic way of adding more space to your kitchen.


Kitchen island | Kitchen island trends | Direct Wholesale Kitchens

Social hub of the home

The kitchen is undoubtedly the one area of the home where most of the interaction is conducted. The benefit of having a kitchen island in this scenario is that people are not trying to pack themselves into the kitchen space itself like sitting on the worktop or standing in front of appliances and rather can sit around the island and interact. The island opens up the whole kitchen and creates more space.

Kitchen island | Kitchen island trends | Direct Wholesale Kitchens

Kitchen island storage options

We talked about the island opening up the home and making it more spacious. In addition to the space it can offer, it can serve as an extra section for storage solutions. Storage solutions are being sought after a lot more highly than in previous years. With extra cabinets and drawers you can easily pack away utensils and supplies and have them easily accessible when needed. A lot of customers who have their sink in their island often pack their pots, pans and cooking accessories in their island purely because of the ease of access. This is because more often than not, the cookers and hobs are within close proximity of the island. This makes everything more seamless when it comes to these activities in the kitchen.

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