The kitchen is the heart of the home, where the cooking is done and in recent times has become a social hub of the home. Naturally enough taking these factors into consideration, it is understandable that it is one of the areas of the home needing the most cleaning.  But do we keep a clean kitchen?


It is recommended  to choose appliances that are easy to clean such as hobs easy to wipe down. Induction hobs are always a great idea because they extremely functional while being easy and safe to clean. With an induction hob, you don’t have to clean the individual parts or the support racks that would have in a gas hob.


For a clean kitchen, you want to have your bin nearby and a simple solution to make life much easier is to have an internal pull out bin in your base units located near your sink and fridge. A common trend that is becoming more popular is bins being built into the kitchen island. This allows easier cleaning, functionality and it creates a shorter distance from your sink and bin leaving lesser opportunities for mess.

Door styles

Solid doors also typically tend to be easier to clean than your gloss doors because of the gloss or matte doors where fingerprints can be easily seen depending on the amount of light entering the room and the style of door. Our solid doors are made to last and go through an ageing process to ensure each door is long lasting and durable.


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