The utility room is known as the work station of the home. It often is the area of the home where the laundry is done, where the washing machine, dryer and essential washing utensils are stored away. To ensure you make the right decisions when designing your dream utility room we have come up with a guide to help you on your design journey.

Utility Room Ideas – Location

While a lot of people design their utility room to be just off the kitchen or in close proximity, this doesn’t always have to be the case. Depending on the space you have available to you the utility room can easily be located upstairs or downstairs. When you are designing your kitchen and utility, have a clear idea of the space and storage available to you. As well as that, if you plan to do your cleaning, ironing and drying upstairs its best you position your utility upstairs rather than downstairs. This can be easily achieved especially if you have a bathroom upstairs making it relatively straight forward.

Utility Room Ideas – An Extra Room

Needing a separate room for your utility room isn’t always necessary. A small but functional space can be occupied and devoted for utility functions without doubt. To do this, existing rooms would have to be altered to allow for a section for utility work.

Think about storage

Storage solutions must be thought about wisely before deciding on your utility room. This can include vertical cabinets, bespoke pieces and extra deep drawers to pack away your essential everyday utensils.

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